If you do not know about the Kiki Challenge yet, you definitely live under a rock.

Here’s my compilation of crazy internet challenges of 2018 to keep you up to date:

1. Kiki Challenge aka In My Feelings Challenge

If you have recently checked your feed, you must have seen random people getting out of their moving vehicle and dancing to Drake’s track called ‘In My Feelings’ from his album Scorpion.

Yep, that’s exactly what this challenge is. The challenge got viral when a popular internet comedian posted such a video with hashtags #kikichallenge, #inmyfeelingschallenge, #shiggychallenge, #dotheshiggy and in no time the entire internet caught up with it. So much that hundreds of people violated so many traffic rules!

2. Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

So, this got popular from all the YouTubers on the internet these days. The challenge is pretty simple. You and your partner list questions for the other one to answer and have some weird items that whoever answers wrong has to either eat or wear.

Easy, right? Ehh, no. I mean people have eaten bird poop and weird tonics to win this challenge! And we thought we’ll have flying cars in 2018, lol.

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3. Shoot Dance Challenge

As the shoot dance became popular, people started posting their videos with the hashtag #shootdancechallenge and hence made it a viral challenge.

No one really knows when and where it began though!

4. What The Fluff Challenge

Now, this one is the cutest challenge from the list. All you have to do is play a peekaboo with your fluffy ‘doggo fren’ and then disappear in between only to leave them puzzled.

Instagram account Siberianhusky_jax started this challenge and forced all pet dog owners to join the bandwagon. Now, this is a challenge that I don’t mind participating in!

5. Get Out Challenge

Again, this is one of those pointless yet crazy challenges. Inspired by the movie ‘Get Out’, the person undertaking the challenge runs towards the camera and changes direction at the last moment.

internet challenges of 2018

The videos of the challenge are hilarious as people usually fail in changing the direction and end up making a fool of themselves!

We millennials are just a bunch of bored kids who need a new source of entertainment every now and then and bam, we come up with these crazy challenges!

Let us know if we missed out any in the comments below.

Picture Credits: Google Images

Sources: CNTraveller, TheThings, ListTV + more

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