Hobbies and recreational activities usually took a back seat amidst the daily hustle of our normal schedule. We rarely got a prolonged break from that monotonous routine to exploit the innovative persona that lay underneath us.

However, this lockdown, we have seen ourselves embracing and expressing our creative sides to its absolute core. Music, dance, art, writing – you name it and we have tried it.

While some have been busy polishing previously acquired skills, others have been experimenting with different new genres of creativity. With online courses being made more readily available, people have endless options to choose from.

We have all been brushing our neglected skills this lockdown

Following the same trend, there have been few who have indeed created wonders.

Remember how back in school we used to have sessions of making the best out of waste? The craft pieces we came up with from simple ingredients like newspapers, leaves, buttons, and so on was fascinating.

Adwaith Krishna came up with a similar work of art made out of nothing more than paper!

Modelled To Perfection-

Trains have always been a great source of amusement for children. 12-year old Krishna from Thrissur in Kerala went a step further in expressing the same by modelling a beautiful train using simple paper.

The model captures minute details of a train and has been carved to near perfection. Made out of 34 rolls of newspaper and 10 A4 sheets – it is a product of sheer patience, love, and dedication.

The train made by 12- year old Krishna

It took him 3 whole days to finish the piece bit by bit. Well, children do come up with brilliant surprises!

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Ministry Of Railway Praises Efforts –

He uploaded a video of his that shows the whole process he undertook to build the train from scratch in time-lapse. While the nearly perfect model hailed praise from many on social media, the Ministry of Railway tweeted about it too.

Krishna was congratulated and appreciated by the Ministry of Railway, for his efforts and his innovative brilliance.

The Ministry said – “Master Adwaith Krishna, a 12-year-old rail enthusiast from Thrissur, Kerala has unleashed his creative streak and has made a captivating train model using newspapers. His near perfection train replica took him just 3 days.”

The Ministry’s tweet praising the young boy

It is always a delight to see such young minds coming up with their out-of-the-box creations. Their talents coupled with their ever-widening imaginations often create wonders. Krishna Adwaith’s magnificent train is an example of the same.

It is the positivity of this kind that will keep us going through these tough times. Go embrace your recreational calling now!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, Indian Express

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