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An Interview With The Founder Of Spa Sciences Michael Friend


Startup Fortune, July 3, 2020: Michael Friend believes that beautiful skin should be accessible to everyone. Because of this he founded Spa Sciences, an American-based innovator and distributor of high tech but affordable beauty devices that bring the pampering of a luxury spa home. Loved by the beauty press, Spa Science’s extensive range is clinically effective and can be found on-line or in selected retailers nationwide.  

Hi Michael. Tell us about yourself.

Apart from Spa Sciences, I co-founded Michael Todd Beauty. I’ve worn many hats in life but I absolutely love what I’m doing now and still get excited for every new project. 

What inspired you to start Spa Sciences?

When I started using skincare products, I quickly realized that the full benefits of all these amazing products were being wasted because we didn’t have the right tools to make them 100% effective.

What makes Spa Sciences unique?

We live in a society where not everyone can afford weekly facial treatments or have the time to fit in spa treatments. I created my skincare tools with the everyday person in mind because everyone deserves to have the skin they’ve always dreamed of. 

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? 

There is no comparison as our competitors are 3x more expensive than us. The quality of our skincare tools also exceeds our competitors

What would you say are the biggest challenges when starting a business?

My biggest challenge is taking risks. I’ve made decisions that have failed but the greatest challenge is how I overcame them, not letting my failures define or stop me. 

How important is mindset when starting your own business?

Mindset is THE key factor in how successful your business is. It influences the decisions I make for my business and how hard I work in ensuring that my business becomes what I want it to be in the future. 

What are you working on right now?

We have a big project coming up with one of my retailers which is going to be big for Spa Sciences. 

What do you want your legacy to be?

I would love to be known for giving everyone a chance when no one else would. 

If you had one piece of advice to give to someone starting out, what would it be?

Do not hesitate. Turn that passion or idea that you have into a business. 


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