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Hong Kong Security Law: The Chinese Political Solution To Bring Social Peace


An Interview With Armando Soldaini, President Of Romexpo International Consulting And Exhibition

In this historical time, the events that are occurring at a world-wide level should be carefully analysed. Starting from the appearance of Coronavirus, and therefore from Covid-19, there have been many tragedies, many deaths, and so much suffering, which led to many fears. The world leaders have found themselves facing a completely new situation, in many cases difficult, because they had to fight an unknown enemy.

Even at a political level, those who govern each state implemented different strategies for the same purpose: to eradicate the pandemic and re-establish normality. Unfortunately, the solutions found by one state were not always shared by all the other states. Some countries questioned the effectiveness of the measures taken by other countries, even if in some cases they were acting in the same way. China and the United States of America are a clear and glaring example of that. The United States considered the decisions made by China during both the initial and the immediately after phases of the Covid-19, a violation of the human rights. We are talking about the restrictive measures taken to contain the contagion, but also about the approval of the Hong Kong security law by the People’s National Assembly, the Chinese legislative body. Due to this law, the USA accused China of depriving Hong Kong of its autonomy and decided to revoke the Hong Kong’s special statute according to the American law. “They are China’s internal affairs” the Beijing ambassador to UN, Zhang Un, said in a tweet.

We interviewed Armando Soldaini, the president of RomExpo International Consulting and Exhibition, on this situation and others. While Trump requested the army to repress the public protests broken out due to the George Floyd case, the dead young black man that was accused of having a fake banknote, he also sentenced China for the security law in Hong Kong, which Soldaini considers instrumental. In his opinion, what is required, is more a political solution, not a military one. Supporting China’s freedom to act autonomously on its own territory, as well as for each state, always respecting the human rights, the president of RomExpo considers that it is preferable a political discussion to the economic advantage of one party or another. “The interest of the world – he declares in our interview – is not in the supremacy of the economy, but it is in the supremacy of the human being and in the international peaceful relations among all the people of the world”.

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