Elon Musk has been modifying Twitter ever since he took over. The new Twitter Blue feature, popularly called ‘a Blue Tick,’ now, can be subscribed to for $7.99. 

Many people believe in God, and now God will be directly sharing tweets from a verified account, all thanks to Elon Musk. This feature is subscribed to by Jesus Christ now, as the account has a blue tick which makes it a verified account.

Jesus and Satan Are Verified 

Twitter has given verified status to Jesus Christ’s account with username @jesus, which describes itself as ‘Carpenter, Healer, God’ in the bio. This account has been on Twitter since 2006. Not just Jesus, Satan’s account is also verified now. Satan joined Twitter in March 2020, and his bio says, “Not Evil Just Misunderstood| Only official parody “s8n” account on Twitter.”

Fake accounts of former President Donald Trump, Super Mario, and Laker player Le Bron James have started popping up, with verified blue ticks. Due to the new feature, Twitter has various fake accounts verified that are impersonating celebrities, brands, and even Gods.

New Policies Of Twitter

Experts had earlier expressed their concerns about the Blue Subscription strategy. Experts had flagged Twitter’s move of making the verified tick available to everyone for a nominal fee, as that would lead to impersonation, leading to increased misinformation and fraud.

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Twitter had tried to add an official label i.e. to provide a grey label to the verified accounts, to distinguish them from impersonated accounts of blue tick holders. But after a few hours, Musk decided to kill it, and the grey ticks disappeared from Twitter.

What Is Musk Up To?

Before the takeover, Musk was concerned about the bots and fake accounts on Twitter, due to which he did not close the $44 million deal. But now, Twitter is all over the place and has fake verified accounts, which makes the concerns of the experts come true. 

Musk tweeted,” Please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn’t.” The fact that the meaning of the verified blue tick has changed, makes things confusing for people using Twitter for a long time. 

There are about 4,23,000 verified accounts of celebrities, including celebrities, businesses, journalists, and politicians. The blue verification system had been established in 2009 to provide high-profile and public figures, with their real identity and to assure the people that the figures are really who they say they are.

Elon Musk had promised to ensure freedom of expression, but here it comes with a cost. The identity can be bought for some dollars. The primary question arises- Does Musk’s freedom of expression put the real identities in crisis?

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