Any place usually has some pretty bizarre and strange type of tourist attractions, that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t gather so much attention. But due to some reason or another that sets them apart, it pulls people to it, marveling over something.

Similar to that, a car parked in a province in Italy has also grabbed quite a bit of attention across the years. No, there is nothing really that unusual about it, it is not a rare type of car, neither is it extremely expensive, nor was it owned by a very known person.

Just the fact that this particular car has been parked in the same exact spot for almost 47 years now, is enough to bring the crowds to it.

Now, it seems that authorities have decided to honour this quirky tourist attraction and make it a monument.

A Parked Car A Monument?

A man called Angelo Fregolent and his wife Bertilla Modolo owned a 1962 Lancia Fulvia car that they used to bring newspapers from publications to their newspaper kiosk that they both ran Conegliano, north east Italy, in.

The couple had a pretty successful and steady business for almost 40 years, but when they finally retired and closed the shop they left their car parked in front of it only. Who knew that even after 47 years it would not have been moved and would remain parked there, an almost permanent fixture.

The couple had started the newsstand in 1974, Mr. Fregolent said “I ran the newsstand under the house for 40 years together with my wife Bertilla, ten years younger than me. When I opened the business, I was happy to have the Lancia Fulvia parked in front of it because I had the newspapers unloaded in the trunk and then I took them inside.”

However now, the car was moved after the area saw a lot of traffic congestion happening and officials wanted it moved since it was taking up unnecessary space.

The car was first sent to the Auto e Moto d’Epoca Motorshow in Padua on October 20th and was placed among other classic cars.

This move then prompted two vintage car enthusiasts to come up and offer to place the car in the Ceretti Technical Institute as a monument.

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Interestingly, the institute is right beside the couple’s house and after the car is restored and placed in the institute they and others can view the car safely.

Angelo and Bertilla both spoke to Italian media Il Gazzettino, where Angelo said “I would be happy to see the car getting the value it deserves,” and his wife added “My husband only cares that someone appreciates its sentimental value and gives it to the right place. He is very fond of that car as if it was his second wife.”

Some locals have also spoken about always seeing the car parked in that particular spot. Local Luca Zaia said “I remember it because I used to stop at the kiosk to buy mint toscanello. I used to consider the car as my lucky charm during the exam. So I went there a lot.”

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