It seemed like just yesterday we were marvelling over automobile companies and people even thinking about making a flying car. Till now, these have just existed in our TVs and movies, where people from alien places or way into the future use it.

However, as quickly as flying cars are becoming a reality, expansion in that area is already starting with now there existing flying bikes or motorcycles too. Flying cars themselves haven’t properly launched for public usage, there are still a few years left till they are fully out for public sale, but not very behind are hoverbikes or flying bikes that have also started their pre-orders.

One of them is a limited edition flying bike from a Japanese tech company called ALI Technologies.

A Flying Bike?

XTURISMO flying bike is a limited edition hoverbike developed by Japan-based ALI Technologies and a demonstration video of it at the racing track in Fuji was just released recently. This is reportedly the world’s first practical hoverbike and the company had started pre-orders for it from 26th October 2021.

Apparently, only around 200 of such bikes will be produced by the company with the price being a whopping 77.7 million yen (approximately around ₹5.10 crore).

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The demonstration that was held this Tuesday, saw the XTURISMO Limited Edition bike perform several tricks, like floating mid-air, swirling around and creating an 8 figure, and more.

According to reports the bike weighs around 300 kgs and is around 3.7 m long, 2.4 m wide and has a height of 1.5 m, along with this the bike while being electrical does have an internal combustion engine that uses petrol.

The current cruising time for the bike that can at the time only seat one pilot is around 30-40 minutes. The demonstration also saw the bike reaching an impressive 100kmph.

Daisuke Katano, President and CEO of ALI Technologies, speaking about the bike said “We started developing hoverbikes in 2017. It is expected that air mobility will expand in the future, but first of all, it is expected to be used in circuits, mountainous areas, at sea, and in times of disaster. I am happy to introduce it as the first step of the XTURISMO that is being done and as one of the new lifestyles.”

The delivery of the finished bikes is expected to start from the first half of next year.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, New18, The Hill

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