It was on Monday when the aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia introduced the concept version of what is going to be Asia’s first flying car, developed by a Chennai-based startup.

Scindia tweeted, “Delighted to have been introduced to the concept model of the soon-to-become Asia’s First Hybrid flying car by the young team of @VAeromobility.

Once this takes off, flying cars would be used for transporting people & cargo, as well as for providing medical emergency services. My best wishes to the team. #DroneRevolutionBegins

The Car

Vinata AeroMobility Flying Car Concept
Vinata AeroMobility Flying Car Concep

Vinata, the hybrid model of the flying car, has been developed by Vinata Aeromobility. The startup’s CEO Yogesh Iyer said that the name was chosen after deep research, and it means ‘mother of all birds’, notes India Today.

Iyer said, “Vinata comes from ancient myth. We are working with a flying car, so we researched a lot and decided on Vinata which means mother of birds, to be precise, Garuda’s mother.”

Within the next two years, the flying car concept is expected to turn into a prototype. As for specifications, the flying car will have eight coaxial rotors and a hybrid motor running on biofuel and battery.

The kerb weight is estimated to be 1000-1200 kilos with a load capacity of 1100 kilos, traveling at 120km/hr speed for 60 minutes.

This is going to be a two seater and will run on biofuel with VTOL (Vertical takeoff and landing) capability. You can land it anywhere and take-off“, said Yogesh Iyer.

Yogesh also stated that the recent drone policies of 2021 were very encouraging which can make India a drone hub.

We wanted our product to be a symbol of Make In India and that’s why we decided that our Civil Aviation Minister should unveil it before showing it to the world“, Yogesh added.

The good news is that the unveiling of a Hybrid Powered Flying car with a luxurious feel and aerodynamic design by Vinata Aeromobility will positively change the future of the transport industry.

Yogesh Iyer also stated that post the Helitech Expo, the process would begin to manufacture the prototype, and the test run would begin by 2023.

If one is still wondering if their safety is fully guaranteed, then Vinata Aeromobility has got it covered. The Hybrid Powered Flying car comes complete with an ejection parachute. The flying car has a parachute with airbags enabled in the cockpit. The flying car, therefore, appears to be safe. Therefore, passenger’s security is a priority with the Hybrid Powered Flying car!

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The Team Behind The Car

Team Vinata Aeromobility with aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia at the launch event of the hybrid
Team Vinata Aeromobility with aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia at the launch event of the car’s concept

Yogesh Iyer always loved cars and airplanes more than anything. He believes that one “must follow his or her dream” and more than 15 years in product design, development, and manufacturing, he is living out his passion through Vinata Aeromobility.

Ever since a young boy, Yogesh Iyer, founder of Vinata Aeromobility, loved cars and flights more than anything. The young fanatic followed his passion and blindly listened and believed his inner voice. His love for cars and flights later transformed him to become an Entrepreneur. With the ethos of, ‘Know your passion. Follow it. Dream it. Love it.’

After many hardships, he succeeded in building a team of genius minds, and together, they are on the verge of making the age-old science fiction a reality. 

Vinata Aeromobility Hybrid Powered Flying car and Air Cargo are both set for launch which will be held this October 5th in Excel London at the world’s largest Helitech Exhibition.

Vinata has achieved this foremost important milestone through the seed stage funding with angel investor Mohan Paroha. He is the founder of Paroha Developers, Paroha Technologies and Paroha Reality. He has 27 years of versatile experience in Management, IT, Real estate and other business in India and Europe.

He is currently working on developing a fintech company, an AR-based Tryon app and to provide support to many startups along with urban Air Mobility Infrastructure Developments.

Straight Out of Science Fiction

A vision of the future with flying cars
A vision of the future with flying cars

As kids, tales of flying cars in the future are something we’ve all heard. India is of course not the first country to work towards the development of a flying car, and India is of course not the first to have succeeded so far.

As of last year, the US was developing a flying car. No one has heard of it, since, as arguments began to arise on how much it would harm the already dying environment.

We can only hope for the best, but if you have to choose between the environment and science fiction-reality, which would you prefer?

Only the future will tell what it holds. Are we ready for the high-altitude traffic? Are we prepared to look up at the sky with excitement when we notice a car?

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