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Inspirational Quotes from The Fault In Our Stars!


The Fault in our stars is one of the bestselling novels of John Green. The novel was recently made into a film which was as successful as the book itself. TFIOS is a story about a 16 year old girl name Hazel Lancaster , a cancer patient, who falls in love with Augustus Waters. How both of them believe in living life in the moment as for them when this present may come to an end any minute.
Why is this movie a favorite among the viewers?
Though almost half of the audience in the theater ends up crying throughout the film, this film is like a breath of fresh air, it rejuvenates each of the viewers. It teaches how life may not last for a long time but if you live right, if you are positive then you will

Here is a list of some of my favorite Inspirational Quotes from The Fault In our Stars:


1) “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”: John green poignantly brings out the very nature of pain, which is inevitable. Protagonists in the book suffer from cancer and throughout their life there is no attempt to escape from the pain they are suffering rather they are constantly trying to endure it as easily and quickly as they can.
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2)  Like pain getting hurt is also inevitable, no one can prevent themselves from getting hurt, but the only choice that rests in the hands of an individual is whom he allows to hurt him. So unlike the contrary there are certain people who are so special and important to you that they are worth your tears. Everyone will hurt you but you have to decide whose hurt is actually worth the tears.

3) “Life goes on” : very aptly John green talks about the fluidity of life, this quote emphasis on the proverb that time and tide wait for none. life, this four letter word is all we have, literally. And even though sad events happen in our lives, we can’t stop living because life goes on, it doesn’t wait for any one of us.


4)”The world is not a wish granting factory”: in short life does not always give you lemons. To have something you want you have to go for it, nothing will be ever served to you. If you have a will to live happily, you will coz where there is a will there is a way.

5) Infinities: never be upset about something coming to an end, smile that it happened because some infinities are bigger that the other infinities. Some infinities may end up giving you immense happiness, happiness that’s has no bounds.

6) “I Love you, present tense”:  love sees neither the past nor the future, it is in the present. People like Gus and Hazel know that they might not have a future because of the short life span each of them has, so they don’t want to give up on something love and thus for them love is in the present and not in any other time.
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7) “You gave me a forever….” the book constantly talks about how people like Gus and Hazel end up valuing each and every minute of their lives, the short romantic period they both spend with each other becomes the most important thing for them. People who lose their loved ones realize the value and impact someone can create in their life. Their loss creates a kind of vacuum. But, life goes on and what we can do is be grateful to at least have such people in our lives.


8) Self realization: in our times each one of us is so busy trying to portray what we think we apparently are that we don’t give our real selves time. We don’t give time to realize our worth and see how unprecedented we are.

9) Everything in life will be okay and this okay will be “Forever”. Life would be so much simpler and easier had we all got such a positive approach towards life. Smile coz nothing in life is permanent, not even the sadness that you might be feeling.
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