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Alia Bhatt: Genius Of The Year


Alia Bhatt: genius of the year

Pop quiz:
Question: Who’s the president of India?
Answer: Prithvi raj Chauhan
Alia Bhatt became the butt of jokes after committing one of most stupid mistakes on national television.  In the Gk quiz Alia was asked who the president of India is. And her answer shocked the audience and her fans for the rest of their lives. She replied with Prithvi Raj Chauhan. On being asked why, she answered Prithvi Raj Chuhan, she said coz his name starts with a ‘p’, just like Pranab Mukherjee.
After the airing of the episode Alia was constantly poked fun of, her memes gained mass popularity on facebook and other social networking sites for her low IQ level.
However AIB, made a video showing her transformation from the dumb movie star to the “Genius Of the year”.

Following is a list of reasons why you should watch the AIB video- Genius of the Year:

1)   Innovation at its best: the video comes out as a very creative way to deal with breaking of media stereotypes. The social media had titled alia as a brainless beauty, the 10 minutes video shows how alia suffers from a breakdown at being laughed at by everyone around her, and how she goes to dumb bell institute to increase her IQ level. This institute transfers her from no brain Alia to the genius Alia.

2)   Apt use of language: there is a very interesting and appropriate use of language in the video with examples like
a) The dumb bell institute: institute where alia goes to get her training, to experience brain enlargement.
b) Personal brainer: like gyms have personal trainers, dumb bell institute has personal brainers.
c) Genius of the year:  the title taken from alia’s debut film” Student of the Year”.
d)BMI: brain main IQ: as opposed to its actual full form body mass index
e)What happens next will GROW your mind: mentioned in the disclaimer. (What happens next will “Blow” your mind.
f) A paragraph of Shobha De make IQ points go away

3)   Catchy parodies of Saturday Saturday,faraday faraday and Sodium on the dance floor.

4) : The witty title: assigned to our beloved celebrities who are part of the video:
Arjun Kapoor: gareebon ka wolverine
Karan Johar: NRI Emotion Exploiter
Parineeti Chopra: The Other PC

5)   Concluding element of the video: ultimately focussing on the main purpose of making such a video -Entertainment. In the end Alia publicly makes a mistake again of saying that she will become the first woman prime minister of India not aware of the fact that Indira Gandhi existed.



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