Zahad and Ziya are a trans couple who are allegedly the first trans parents in India. They are awaiting the birth of their baby on March 4, 2023. The delighted couple has even thought of a few names for their coming child.

Trans Couple In Love

The trans couple has been together for three years now. They live together in Kerala where Zahad is an accountant and Ziya is a professional dancer. Both of them wanted to experience the joys and trials of parenthood and considered adoption an option to do the same. They did not continue with it due to unnamed reasons.

Trans Parents

Zahad, who was born a woman but was in the process of transitioning as a transman, has halted his procedures for the gestation period. Zahad had already undergone a breast reduction surgery but his uterus and related organs had not been removed.

This made the pregnancy possible. The baby would be fed with milk from the hospital milk bank. Ziya said that Zahad would continue the process after the birth of the baby.

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Ziya, who was born a male but now identifies as a woman, says that it has been her dream to experience motherhood ever since she realised her femininity. Zahad says that he is both the father and the mother of the child.

The happy couple is now planning a baby shower to share their joy with their community of family and friends.

Zahad and Ziya’s pregnancy marks the first alleged pregnancy in the transgender community. It sets a precedent for other trans couples who are perhaps hesitant to take a step in this direction.

The team at ED Times wishes nothing but joy and health to the baby and their parents.

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