Every day we come across news of another company or organisation that is firing people in not just hundreds but thousands now. The mass layoff spree is very real and has sent many people fearing job security and many other things in these uncertain times.

The reasons for these mass layoffs are varied but at the same time, the average people are calling out companies for these firings and the abysmal state of employee safety in today’s time.

So with such a volatile time, it was interesting to get to know that one particular firm in India plans to be hiring people by the thousands over the next few years.

Firm In India On Hiring Spree

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India, an auditing and consultancy firm, has apparently announced that they will be hiring around 30,000 employees for various jobs over the next five years.

Currently, the firm has a workforce of around 50,000 in India but it wants to expand its reach even more and plans to increase its total workforce to 80,000 the company has revealed as per the official statement.

In the statement it said that “PwC India and PwC US have entered into a joint venture in India to accelerate growth, expand client relationships and enhance quality. PwC India has been steadily expanding its geographical presence in the country for several years.”

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Apparently, the joint venture between PwC India and PwC US aims at launching more global centers in the country and already in the last year alone the firm opened three offices in Bhubaneswar, Jaipur and Noida.

These new offices are meant to recruit and hire skilled local talent with the PwC Chairperson saying that “We are committed to playing a meaningful role in India’s growth story and are working closely with clients and stakeholders to help solve important problems and create avenues towards a very bright future for our country. Our new venture is just one step forward in this direction and will further attempt to harness India’s vast demographic dividend.”

As per an Economic Times report the firm’s focus points for hiring will be things like

  • managed services
  • contract compliance
  • captive advisory
  • product development

to name a few.

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