The actions taken by the government over the past few months have been widely criticized for several reasons. But does that justify putting the blame for riots and strikes occurring elsewhere on an entire nation or its representatives solely based on a symbol being present on-site? 

What Is This Incident About?

On 6th January 2020, supporters of Donald Trump tore through the security of the US Capitol and wreaked havoc on a large scale. President-elect Joe Biden was to be certified for his victory when the turbulence started.

They ransacked the entire place and caused so much disruption that the arena lost its stability, calm, and decorum.

Protestors defying the security personnel in order to trespass

Persons on both sides got severely injured and some even lost their lives during the strife. The enormous protests included the supporters trespassing, verbally abusing the police personnel, breaking public property, breaking windows, and waving flags.

The horrid on-site picture showcasing the damage

To this, Joe Biden said, “To storm the Capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices, and to threaten the safety of duly elected officials is not protest, It is insurrection. The world is watching – and like so many other Americans, I am shocked and saddened that our nation, so long a beacon of light, hope, and democracy has come to such a dark moment.”

Indian Flag’s Cameo

Amidst all the protests, a video recorded on-site by journalist Alejandro Alvarez showed an Indian flag among the ones being waved by the trespassers. This clip caught the eyes of many and has gone viral ever since.

The journalist’s video showed an Indian flag amongst other white & blue ones

The video, despite having the riot as the focal point, has another field of interest for the Indian crowd. The presence of the Indian flag among the white and blue ones has enraged the public as to what the tricolour has got to do with such a massive protest. 

Now, some are blaming the man waving the flag and holding him responsible for his miscreancy but some others have jumped into the blame game and are holding the PM of India responsible for it.

But where does Mr. Modi come into this picture?

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PM Of India And His Unsaid Role In Every Misconduct

The nation has been in division ever since Mr. Modi came into power wherein some support his deeds while some don’t. There has always been a clash of opinions when it comes to the initiatives taken up by the government.

But the supporters have been further divided into the ones who support his initiatives after analyzing them and those who are referred to as “Modi Bhakts”.

A user blaming the PM and mocking him

These “bhakts”, in general, are those persons who blindly follow all of the ideologies of a certain party or a certain person and have no stand of their own.

Now, the nation is not seen as a united entity anymore but the political affliction behind it is sought at all strides.

Has Nationalism Been Reduced To This Extent?

The Indian online crowd has made this painstakingly clear that only two kinds of people exist according to them, either anti or pro Modi.

But the third kind, the kind that is only concerned about the nation and seeks allegiance to the motherland does exist. Yes, it does exist albeit oppressed and not regarded. 

True nationalism is not relevant to any person or being but only to the sensitivity towards the nation and a substantial effort towards its well being.

This third kind of person does not waver, nor do they feel dejected because they know that the nation cannot be conclusively defined nor can its image be tarnished. Every man is responsible for his deeds and these by no means reflect his nation or his motherland but only his exclusive self.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor pointing at the essence of nationalism in his tweet

The same applies to the flag bearer at the riots. Although unidentified, his identity as a miscreant of society is crystal clear.

Like Dr. Shashi Tharoor mentioned in a reply to Mr. Varun Gandhi’s tweet, “There are some Indians with the same mentality as that Trumpist mob, who enjoy using the flag as a weapon rather than a badge of pride, & denounce all who disagree with them as anti-nationals & traitors. That flag there is a warning to all of us.” 

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Sources: NDTV, India Today, Hindustan Times

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  1. Hindutva are upset over outgoing D. Trump who remained silent when article that gave Jammu and Kashmir an autonomy was revoked by Modi, and when the Hindutva mob carried out pogrom in Delhi during Namaste Trump event.


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