There has been enough in the news in the past few months regarding India and China’s standoff at the borders, and it is absolutely nothing new that China has been big trouble for South Asian and South-East Asian countries in and around the South China Sea.

It is also very clear that China has expansionist plans and Pakistan is happily willing to be a part of it. They gave a part of the occupied Kashmir land to China back in 1962.

Pakistan allowed the development of the economic corridor and imported Chinese fighter jets, and have allowed the building of Gwadar port.

Oblivious of the fact that CPEC or OBOR initiatives of China may as well be Trojan Horse strategies, Pakistan is apparently becoming a proxy state for China.

By exporting warships and fighter jets to our bordering neighbour, it seems like China is trying to threaten us with a two-front war. The best step that India took to tackle this was to transition from “Look East Policy” to “Act East Policy”.

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India-Russia Relations Looking Good

BrahMos is a joint venture between Russia and India and the BrahMos missile has the title of being the fastest cruise missile on the planet. This missile is what has made India’s firepower shine brighter than ever before.

To tackle China, it is important that India takes unwithered support of our Asian neighbours not in the debt trap of the communist nation. Putting BrahMos missiles on the table for sale could be a good way to do it. 

Selling BrahMos missiles to South-East Asian nations will help them defend themselves against China in the South China Sea and also bring home their support to us.

The Philippines has turned out to be the most interested country and Vietnam seems to be showing interest too. Nevertheless, these decisions are to be made jointly by India and Russia. 

Indian officials say that supersonic missiles are all set for sale to third countries once we have fulfilled our own forces’ requirements. This also indicates that Russia has agreed too, which shows their relations growing with us better than they are with China. 

What Next? 

Like any defence deal, we ought to wait till travel is possible again and make sure of logistical plans before anything is finalized. 

For sure, equipping countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and even interested parties like UAE, will help us counter China’s plans of a two-front war. This might seem like a defence deal, but is a diplomatic move at large and it might just turn out to be the best one yet.

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Sources: The Hindu, TFI Post, Eurasian Times

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