When I saw #Lockdown2 trending on Twitter this morning, a shiver ran down my spine thinking another lockdown is being implemented in India.

However, it was not so and instead the lockdown news is related to France, Germany and such places.

On Wednesday, the French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly announced that their respective countries would be going back into lockdown.

This second lockdown was being initiated because of the second wave of coronavirus infections that had quickly spread out of control in Germany and France.

For France, the lockdown will start from Friday and last till December 1st, 2020, while Germany’s second nationwide lockdown will start from November 2 to November 30.

France and Germany have both seen a rapid increase of cases with the former seeing 36,000 new cases being reported in day, the latter’s COVID-19 cases rose from 16,774 to 4,81,013, the Robert Koch Institute data showed on Thursday.

However, apparently, this was much cause of hilarity to Indians who in no time at all started to trend #Lockdown2 on Twitter, posting their own reactions to this second lockdown in Europe.

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Twitter India Trending This

The Indian or desi Twitter has been enjoying hearing this news so much that they ended up trending it on the social media site.

Although this lockdown was not for India, one should not be careless during these times. The coronavirus pandemic is still raging across the country and is not settling down as much as we’d like.

People while making such jokes about another country, should still be aware of the safety protocols and regulations of India and keep health and safety first.

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Sources: BBC, News18, Euro News

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