India may no longer be a young country but there are many young Indians here.

While India turns seventy-five today, 50% of the population in India is below the age of 25, every third person in India is a young person (10-24 years). As the world is aging, this could literally be India’s moment. But the question is, is this really a great time to be a young person in India?

Let’s be honest, since the day COVID-19 hit the country, life for an average youngster in India has become a story of missed opportunities and lost hope. But a more worthwhile question to ask would be, will it always remain so?

Vaccine And Jobs

Life in 2021 has largely been a struggle to find two things – vaccine slots and jobs. Even though India started its mass vaccine drive in January 2021, it picked up pace only in the last month or so. A confused vaccine policy continues to create delays and shortages.

The unemployment rate in India has returned to the levels of pre-Covid times, but it still isn’t a pretty number. As everything is being shifted to online mode, the digital divide is creating major issues in seeking and having jobs.

Where Does Gen-Z Stand?

Gen-Z has experienced some of the most significant social and cultural events at a tender age; events that have directly impacted almost every aspect of their lives. Right from schooling and engaging with friends and teachers to how they go out, spend free time and even their way of shopping has changed.

Even though it’s a second academic year without going to school, students still haven’t fully adapted to the system. Teachers are also struggling to fully grasp the new technology and still figuring out how to utilize it to the maximum for educational purposes.

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It’s a Brave New World

Digital content creation has been boosting in India for the last few years now, but it has seen a mammoth growth in the last year. As young Indians started sitting at home and having a lot of free time, it was only obvious that their social media presence will increase.

Today, ordinary people from different walks of life dare to pursue a career in content creation. With creativity, innovative ideas, and adding regional flavors to their content, these “influencers” are thriving across India. It’s clear that the democratization of creating entertaining content will give more opportunities to young people for pursuing their passion.

India ranked 122 in the Global Youth Development Index, which came out on August 10. The index measures the condition and status of young people across 181 countries and is released by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

While 122 may not be a very desirable position, India is among the top five risers on the index between 2010 and 2018, advancing scores in areas such as education and employability of youth.

So, it’s true; the past year was horrid. We all sat through university exams or appeared for a job interview or completed assignments when people around us were literally dying. The world was falling apart and we were busy securing a “better future”.

There is guilt, there is trauma. But, as cliché as it sounds, the future of a nation does depend on the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of its youth. We all demand and deserve a world that’s more inclusive, free, and equal.

The experiences of seventy-five long years will hopefully help us and guide us in our pursuits of creating a better India for us and the generations to come.

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