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Naruto has always been an all-time favourite for me. The story of a young boy, never giving up despite facing all the troubles gives me the motivation to strive a little harder in my life. The list of reasons for liking this anime is just never-ending.

I often feel like giving up and have a hard time reciprocating the surroundings around me but watching Naruto reminds me of everything good around me. I am pretty sure we all feel like we have no one to rely on but just some ramen sometimes. I find comfort in food way too often to admit.

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Lately, I have been following a mixed lifestyle of Shikamaru and Choji, just lying around all day and eating, finding comfort in the fact that being lazy is also going to make me a good strategist like Shikamaru.

The way Sakura keeps her hopes up despite never receiving one bit of attention from Sasuke until the very end is just the kind of spirit and motivation I need in my life.

The way every clan’s descendant has to fulfill certain levels of responsibilities is somewhat similar to the expectations our parents have. We might feel burdened with familial expectations, but we all have each other’s back at the end of the day like Neji had Hinata’s and Itachi had Sasuke’s even though it was difficult to understand their love at first.

All the comical scenes between the parents and kids are just too similar to the daily banter I have with my mom on trivial matters.

The way Naruto spread mischief by having Iruka sensei chase him around all-day is like seeing a childhood version of myself trying to seek attention in any way possible.

Naruto’s most powerful lesson to me was that you can only reach your peak potential when you have encountered all the hatred and have the strength to overcome all adversities with love and compassion, and never giving up on your dreams.

Keeping your friends and loved ones close throughout your journey is also important because you can never reach those heights all alone.

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