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Inconsistent Diet Can Really Harm You


By- Smriti Joinwal

Nowadays, all of us want to look the best. Size zero is completely in and we can go to any heights to achieve it. Little we know that along with a lean figure we are subjected to other harmful effects which we had not bargained for. The main problem is that people, who go into a frenzy diet to lose weight, slacken and let themselves go, once they reach the goal, thereby gain back all the weight, sometimes even more.

The main cause of this problem is that the starved body immediately begins to store every little extra food it gets, thereby, making the person fatter than they were. Also, this fluctuating weight can harm our system and furthermore it accelerates the formulation of loose and wrinkled skin. So how can we solve this problem?

• Dietitians suggest that diets should not be undertaken to just lose weight. They say that one should gradually avoid eating items that are not good for their body type, instead of suddenly cutting down that particular food.

• Diets should always be followed, no matter what the weight of the person is.

• It is said that when we lose weight at a healthy pace, the body adjusts its metabolic rate and organ function according to this new change in our body. But when we get back to overeating, the metabolic rate is disturbed all over again.

Other points to keep in mind are:

• Some crash diets exclude a particular part of a balanced diet and so speed up the weight loss but this fluctuating diet causes lack of certain nutrients in the diet which can directly affect the person’s health in the long run.

• Also people these days start to self-diagnose and take supplements. The most important thing to follow before one begins to diet is to consult an expert and get to the root cause of his/her problem.

• It is also advised to follow a diet that is prescribed and not give it up as soon as we reach the goal of weight loss to an extent because of that harms the body, sometimes irreversibly.

List of the harmful effects of inconsistent diet:

• Could lead to weigh gain

• May disturb the metabolic rate

• It affects the fat storing system

• Hormones get affected

• May lead to irritability and anger

• Could cause constipation

• It affects skin and hair

• It could affect your bone health

• Affects your bone health

• Affects your energy levels

• Could cause osteoporosis

• Could pressurise your kidney and liver

In the end I would just like to say that aiming for weight loss is a great goal but how do we think of achieving that goal is what we need to focus on. We need to find the right way to do so. I know that we are the 2 min generation but this does not necessarily mean that we should find shortcuts to reduce our weight also, knowing very well its damaging effects in the short and long term as well. So let’s wake up and smell the coffee. It’s high time we get out of the fake world and start respecting our lives.



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