With the turn of the decade two years ago, no one could have foreseen a sudden global plunge into potential warfare. However, two years hence, the global polity gazes into a bottomless pit of monstrous extents as Russia invades and declares war on Ukraine.

The reasons for war have been plentiful but, however legitimate, war can never be the answer. Unfortunately, not many global leaders understand that sentiment.

Putting matters into perspective, especially for war, is frighteningly difficult because more often than not there’s no country in the right (or wrong). Even in this scenario, it is fairly simple to blame the Russian Premier for invading Ukrainian territory and sovereignty with bombs and raw manpower.

Yet, it is the deliberations that happen behind closed doors amongst the powerful few that set the stage for absolute global diktat. In a fairly similar fashion, it was the impending security concerns regarding the US-led NATO’s expansion closer towards Russia’s borders that gave rise to the situation at present. 

As Vladimir Putin calls for Ukraine’s demilitarization, the common people suffer for the follies of the ‘leaders’. Russia’s actions have been irrevocably condemnable and no country has ever flourished whenever they have pursued warfare as their method of discourse.

Within a seemingly minuscule amount of time, human life has been reduced to rubbles and it is only fair to get a glimpse of the state of affairs in Ukraine, specifically the capital city of Kyiv.

A Glimpse Into The Suffering Of Ukraine

Smoke rises from explosions in the city of Kyiv as Russia proceeds with invasion
Vladimir Putin, the Russian Premier, addresses the world and declares “military operations” in Ukraine
Police officers investigate the aftermath of a Russian shell drop

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Russian convoys of tanks enter Ukraine’s mainland through multiple directions and routes
The jampacked metro station in Kyiv provides a fair picture of tensions in the city


Civilians investigate and note the destruction caused by Russian bombings
Russian surveillance teams have become the most common vehicles in Ukraine
Remains of a destroyed building as a man sits outside distraught at his loss
Many activists and political scientists have dubbed it as Europe’s darkest hour since WWII
More visuals from Kyiv metro station as family members await for the worst to pass
A mortar shell debris in the Luhansk region as Russia invaded into the frontlines

The visuals paint a terrifying picture, and frankly, nobody can see help arrive without risking another World War, and this time it might just be nuclear. 

Time for the United Nations to step in and not be reduced to a League of Nations wannabe this time around? Antonio Guterres, take notes!

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Sources: BBC, The Indian Express, NDTV

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