March 24: Production houses have set schedules for their releases and work round the clock on it, they hire external agencies to manage their media communications, correspondences, PR, reach and engagements. Out of the most prominent and frequent names Top Producers of Bollywood are selecting Red Ant Brand Promotions for their PR related requirements considering their reliability in decision making and in probing best packages in the most reasonable prices, Reliability and reach is important for any movie to tackle box office in the initial stage , Celebrity interactions along with a right message to their fans is the most vital thing for any production house or release companies , Red Ant being a prominent player is seeing a lot of traction and growth.

Bollywood as an Industry annually releases 500+ Films on various platforms and are constantly in search for reputed PR Agencies. Based the recommendations and out of the industry besties, Red Ant , is one of the most promising brands giving an extra edge of User satisfaction and reliability.

The public relations services of any organization depend on the vital parts of development, methodology, execution, deliverable, and effect. The idea driving all methodologies at the public relations company is to make the customer stand out in manners that are both quantifiable and development-driven.

Fearless, practical, quantifiable, and coordinated communications program. It has helped many brands from across the world to understand their corporate communication requirements.



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