If smartphones, self-driven cars, or robots did not let you believe that we are in the technologically advanced era, Amazon Go certainly can.

The pandemic raised alarms on how unhygienic and germ-contaminated the world is. However, back in 2018, Amazon had already decided to take shopping to a whole new level. There are about 29 Amazon Go stores in total, in the United States of America already, and in the United Kingdom.

It is a chain of convenience stores and is partially automated. After being tested successfully, Amazon began to offer its technology to other retailers as well.

Amazon uses several technologies for purchase, checkout, and payment steps associated with a retail transaction.

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The ceiling of the store has multiple cameras and the store shelves have weight sensors.

The app allows users to pay from their amazon account so that a family purchase can be from the same billing account.

Their first store location was The Wall Street Journal. Although Amazon is trying to expand business by installing more stores, it is accessible to a limited audience, mainly privileged people, who have smartphones, and not to low income bracket audience or smartphones that do not have the Amazon Go application installed.

The store also doesn’t serve hot food/beverages but the option of heating them separately is available. The cost of maintaining such stores adds up to one million dollars. And thus, to open more stores, Amazon needs to include more variety in products to make up for the cost.

Last but not least it is the future of shopping. Hope to see some stores in India soon.

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Sources: Amazon, Unilad, CNBC 

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