We often hear tales of people reaching new heights and achieving crazy things. What’s that one thing that keeps them going? Motivation.

That’s all it takes. Give a man a reason to achieve something, and you’ll have a successful man in front of you. Dadarao Bilhore is one such man.

Mumbai’s monsoon season is a dreaded one. After a heavy rainfall, the roads of Mumbai, which aren’t in the best of conditions already, are a disaster. With one pothole after another, driving on the road is a challenging task.

Mr. Bilhore’s 16-year-old son succumbed to one of these potholes on the roads of Mumbai, and that’s when he decided to do something about it.

Here is the encouraging story of the Mumbai man who fills potholes, Mr. Dadarao Bilhore –

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India needs more of such people. Not all heroes wear capes, after all.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, India Today, First Post + more

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