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Delhi Pollution and Mumbai Rains both have been known to have a cataclysmic effect on both life and property.

One is the national capital and the other is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. However, for a certain period of time every year, both the cities are at their most vulnerable.

But being from a nation that loves to brag, one of them has to be better than the other.

We pitted our bloggers against each other with their hometown pride on the line. Let’s take a look:

“I never have to spend on dates, Mumbai rains always make me wet”- Blogger Rohan Bachhav’s perspective (Mumbai guy)

Each year residents of Maharashtra anticipate monsoon and when it comes they cannot wait till it’s over. One may think it is because we face infinite issues due to the incompetence of the government and due to the wrath of the monsoon. It really is because it is so overwhelming.

The roads offer an off-roading experience with potholes on every street. People pay money to sit on a roller coaster that partially goes through water: we do that with our own cars.

Driving through streets in monsoon feels like a thrill ride, we never know when we are going fall or get stuck in a water-covered trench. It’s a live simulation of the monster truck games.

mumbai rains vs delhi pollution

When the power line falls and the electric supply for the whole city goes out, we are able to get in touch with the humble origins of our life without electricity and that makes us value it more after the power comes back again.

For almost three months we are excused for being late anywhere. It’s a different thing we are usually stuck on the street or in trains, but still, it counts.

mumbai rains vs delhi pollution

The India Meteorological Department does not warn us perfectly about the weather next day. But hey! Who does not love an unexpected holiday especially when you have reached halfway to your destination and have to turn back cause you cannot go forward?

Delhi kids can ride cycles on street, a skateboard and the most extreme can be a hoverboard.

We Mumbai kids get to literally ride a boat on the waterlogged street, beat that!

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“Pollution in Delhi is like a shadow, it follows you around everywhere you go.” -Blogger Janhavi Sharma’s perspective (Delhi Girl)

Delhi pollution is a highly debated topic in the country. The capital is blanketed in pollution and smog perpetually throughout the year, however, the worst are the last three months of the year.

With alarming levels of pollutants in the air, Delhi ceases to remain a city and becomes more of a gas chamber.

Delhi pollution surpasses Bombay rains on all grounds. It is somewhat like an ex boyfriend. It randomly surfaces from time to time, its level of impact is maximum at night and the moment you feel like you’ve gotten away from it, it appears out of nowhere.

The pollution and smog in Delhi are unparalleled. Having the visibility levels of Shimla in January, Delhi itself becomes a hill station. It saves the smokers a trip to the hills.

Delhiites have a year long supply of free ‘cigarettes’. Everyone in Delhi is a chain smoker, courtesy: Delhi Pollution

Everyone in Delhi looks like Bane from Batman because of the masks we have to wear :)

mumbai rains vs delhi pollution

The capital tops the charts and is uncontested in three arenas : Food, Education and Pollution. Our three achievements that can never be questioned.

The city attracts a lot of tourists from all over the globe who come to see places of interest like India gate, Qutub Minar and Lotus Temple. The great part is, that when they’re clicking a picture, Delhi smog automatically acts as a filter for the image thereby making Instagram redundant!

mumbai rains vs delhi pollution

Delhi pollution is a great trigger for political discussions. The leaders of the country finds time to criticize Delhi’s ‘loved’ chief minister and his government’s policies but atleast the attention temporarily shifts from the ‘Gaushalas’.

Movie directors spend so much money on creating sets and environments which give out the apocalyptic vibe. Little do they know that the future Mad Max, Mission Impossible and Independence Day can easily be shot in Delhi from October to December as it exudes that very apocalyptic vibe.

Delhi pollution is like a once in a lifetime experience. People who experience it once never want to experience it again and people who live in Delhi, experience it for a lifetime!

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