It’s that time of the year again when Indians bring home an idol of the Elephant God, Ganesh, for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Mumbai alone witnesses more than 2 lakh idol immersions every year. Preparations for the festival and making of these beautiful idols begins early in the year.

But what India is particularly known around the world for, is making gigantic idols touching almost 80 ft every single year, immersing them, and doing it again the next year.

Here are the tallest Ganesh idols this year around the country:

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More than 20 lakh artisans and sculptors around the country work for the entire year and make this festival as colorful as it always is.

This year, the Vizag Idol standing 78 ft tall was the largest of all, going higher than the usually tallest, Lalbaugcha Raja.

The colors will remain for another 11 days.

Image Source: Google Images

Source: Trip Savvy, The Hans India

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