In an 8-minute long video accessed exclusively by News18, pictures of barrack number 12 of Arthur Road jail in Mumbai were leaked. This is Vijay Mallya’s cell where the fugitive businessman is supposed to be lodged.

On Wednesday, 12th September, Mallya reached the London’s Westminster Magistrates court where it has been decided to announce the verdict for fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s extradition case on the 10th of December.

Speaking to ANI today, Mallya claimed, “I met the finance minister before I left and repeated the offer to pay the banks.” He has also alleged that banks objected to the settlement application filed by him.

However, in a series of tweets Finance Minister Arun Jaitley labelled Mallya’s claim as ‘false’. Afterwards, Mallya clarified he didn’t have any formal meeting with Jaitley but had happened to meet Mr. Jaitley in Parliament, telling him about his departure to London.

Mallya, who is to be lodged in the Arthur Jail cited poor conditions of the cells, claiming that it does not have enough “natural light and ventilation.”

But when reporters asked Mallya about the condition of the jail after the video of his cell was presented to him by the Indian authorities, Mallya labelled it as “pretty impressive.”

Sure there is nowhere back for Vijay Mallya, as he looks increasingly likely to be extradited back to India.

On that note, let us take a look at some of the images of his probable new home, barrack number 12 in the Arthur Jail:

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Image Credits: Google Images, News18

Sources: News18

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