We all seem to be quite well-aware about the alarming rise in pollution levels in the country with new records being broken every day.

Delhi was recently crowned the most polluted city in the world, post the Diwali festivities this year. Air quality index (AQI) rose to over 999 in some regions while others were seen covered in thick smog.

But is it the only city to be blamed for our current distress?

Well, to answer that, let’s shift our focus from the capital region for the time being and talk about the other hazardous kinds of pollution that have been taking India in its disastrous engulf.

The Bellandur lake in Bangalore for instance, is the largest water body of the city but sadly, the most polluted one too.

It is infamous for the hazardous quantity of toxic pollutants and wastes floating in it which sometimes have even caught fire, much to the surprise of the people.

But recently, a South Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna pledged to create awareness against the issue. She performed an underwater photo-shoot in Lake Bellandur, revealing to the Indian audience the insane amount of water pollution the lake is subjected to.

Here is an insight on lake Bellandur as well as some mesmerizing pictures from the humanitarian deed carried out by the actress:

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‘Not all heroes wear capes’ and truly, Rashmika has proved so in every way.

We can only hope now that the authorities acknowledge the noble deed carried out by the actress to make us aware of the sickenining levels of pollution present underwater and that they take immediate steps to curb the same.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: News 18, India Today, Firstpost

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