October is about to end but the pollution in Delhi is already sliding towards severe, with five areas of the national capital recording high pollution levels today and the condition will only get worse.

Being a biker on the roads of Delhi is always someone’s worst nightmare. There are no facility for an air purifier unlike those in homes or car. But thanks to a startup based in Delhi we could have that facility too this time around (this is not a promotional article).

Shellios, a startup based in Delhi has certainly taken a step to make biker’s life easier with the introduction of a unique helmet with inbuilt air purifier according to reports in Quint.

This is how the helmet looks like. (Photo Credits: The Quint)

A helmet with an air purifier? Odd

Well, this is something which is badly needed because you can’t just stop going to the office and have to find alternative ways to tackle pollution. As odd as it may sound, this unique helmet has smart capabilities with an air purifier on top of it.

The purifier picks smoke from the outside and then the filtered air enters inside the helmet, same like any other air purifier.

In keeping up with the latest technology the helmet gets a range of features through Bluetooth that can be paired with an app which will be available on your mobile. This app allows the rider to know how dirty the helmet is and when it requires cleaning.

The cleaning function inside the helmet works with the help of a battery operated module, carrying a 2600 mAh unit that can be charged using a micro-USB port present on the helmet.

Along with this the leather padding and protective layers present on the helmet are detachable which makes it easier to clean the parts.

The startup has ensured the helmet ticks all boxes when it comes government norms and weights around 1.6 kg.

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The back of the helmet which shows the filter and the buttons to operate. (Photo credits: The Quint)

Is this affordable?

Obviously, this helmet comes at a greater cost than your usual helmets. But how does cost matter when it comes to saving your life?

I read that spending time in the open meant smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes for the people so travelling everyday to office with this helmet at least gives some respite to the citizens of Delhi.

The helmet is likely to be priced at around Rs. 2,500. Keeping aside the price, we see a regular helmet starting at around Rs. 800 and a good quality being priced at around Rs. 1500-2000.

With this added technology and benefits spending around Rs. 500 more would do no harm. So there is little to argue when it comes to the price.

According to the publication, the CEO of Shellios has stated that the helmet will be available in the Indian market from November.

A slew of startups are coming up with various products concerned to improve the air quality and as a result have found a big business opportunity in them.

With most of the traffic in road consisting of 2-wheelers, this move comes as a huge relief for all in tackling air pollution. But with the 30% of Delhi travelling on bicycles everyday there is a need for reforms concerning those section of the populations too.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Quint, Better India

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