While it is very normal and acceptable for students in foreign countries to take a year off between studies so that they can figure out what they love and further work on personal development, the idea is rather absurd and looked down upon in India.

The stigma arises from the societal routine that all Indians are expected to follow: study, pass exams, get a good job, earn money, marry and settle down.

Taking a year off for “personal development” will not be a convincing argument for your parents to permit you to go ahead with probably not doing ‘anything’ for a year. Why waste a year when you can take up a job?

Hence, it may be a better idea to explore various options of getting a diploma certificate while taking a year from your studies so that you can also keep your resume on track.

Diplomas are useful in a professional setting and taking one will not only let your parents stop seeing you as a disappointment, but will also help your ‘personal development’ extensively.

What is a Diploma?

A diploma is a specialization course of either one or two years that can be taken in any subject or skill set. It is not equivalent to a degree and mostly equips one with the technical skills required to perform a profession.

There are numerous diploma programmes in India, most of which are related to engineering or technological degrees. However, we have compiled a list of diverse and unique diploma courses from different parts of India.

All of these courses are Post-Graduate or PG Diplomas, which means that these can be taken after the completion of your undergraduate degree.

Asian School of Journalism, Chennai

Ashoka University, Haryana

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Udaan, Mumbai

Indira Gandhi National Open University

National Academy Of Event Management and Development, Mumbai

Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi

University of Madras, Chennai

National Archives of India, Delhi

Diplomas are an effective way of taking a gap year, especially part-time language diplomas, as they are a compelling reason for taking a short break from your future employers and admission officers.

It also gives you enough time to pursue your interests as well, without leaving much time to fall into the pothole of self-doubt. Happy diploma hunting!

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Sources: IGNOU, Asian School of Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia University + more

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