While students are sitting at their homes doing nothing constructive, they can use their time to learn new skills and enhance knowledge on topics that interest them.

During the lockdown, you can utilize various resources available on the world wide web to learn something new. 

There are various websites which provide free courses, sometimes with certificates, which you can access in order to use your free time during the lockdown.

Saylor Academy

Saylor.org is a not-for-profit organization which provides free online courses to students in various disciplines along with free digital certificates. The courses are handcrafted by industry experts and the academy also provides college credit opportunities with partner colleges.

There are about 100 full-length college and professional level courses that one can take advantage of.

The Open University

The Open University is a distance learning platform which is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1969 and provides world-class teaching experience to students across the globe.

Some courses are chargeable while some are free of cost. The free of cost courses come with a letter of completion which testifies that the participant completed the course.

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This online learning platform has been founded by MIT and Harvard to deliver education cutting across barriers of time zones and costs. The organization is not-for-profit and provides a platform for students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

edX offers various online courses whereby you can gain knowledge from experts all around the globe. However, only some courses on edX are free while the others are available after paying a sum. The certificates are also available only after payment of a fee. 

If you are looking to learn without worrying about any certification, edX is for you.

Open WHO

Open WHO is a web-based platform, supported by the World Health Organization, which provides opportunities for online education. It has made available free courses with certificates pertaining to epidemics, pandemics and health emergencies. 

The courses are interactive and provide an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and upgrade their CV.

Future Learn

Future Learn is a website that provides various online learning options to students. They have short courses, diplomas and certificate courses available.

Many courses are free of cost while some are paid. Some free courses also include certificates.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to these websites and start learning.

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