2020 was a tough year for people across the world. It took a  pandemic for the countries to realise the importance of making society more self-reliant.

Sometime around mid-2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan which focused on strengthening the local markets and promoting the ‘made-in-India’ products.

After the tussle between India and China, a wave of anxiety regarding privacy concerns crept into the people of the country.

Moreover, the Atmanirbhar App challenge motivated app developers across the country to develop apps that would provide alternatives to global applications. After India banned 118 Chinese apps, the Indian app market saw several alternative apps that gained immense popularity.

1. Koo (Alternative To Twitter)

Koo was released a few weeks ago and fueled curiosity in people. The tweet-like posts are inclusive of different Indian languages and the app already has 3 million downloads! The app got placed second in the Atmanirbhar app challenge.

2. Mitron (Alternative To TikTok)

TikTok definitely ignited a craze in Indians. Many were extremely sad and even unemployed after TikTok was banned in India. Mitron was released in 2018, but the removal of TikTok made the app quite popular.

Unlike TikTok, this app also focuses on non-entertainment content. The app although, was embroiled in several controversies.

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3. Leher (Alternative To Clubhouse)

Clubhouse became extremely popular in the US during the lockdown. Owing to its name, it has offered a place for people to meet like-minded people and have conversations. But, the app was only available to Apple users.

Leher, an Indian app, openly challenged Clubhouse and added additional features to their app like video calling and privacy features, which would give the club-owner the authority to filter people. The app is on its way to becoming a global app.

4. Digiboxx (Alternative To Google Drive)

Digiboxx was launched by NITI Ayog as an Indian Cloud Storage facility. While storage has become an important concern these days, Digiboxx takes it further by providing the user extremely affordable rates!

It is definitely the cheapest cloud storage facility out there.

5. Sandes (Alternative To WhatsApp)

This app is quite new in the app-market. Sandes is a modified government messaging service, now hoping to serve as an alternative to WhatsApp. WhatsApp users have been apprehensive of using this app due to security concerns for the past few weeks.

Sandes provides additional privacy features and also allows users to send confidential messages. The application is not available on Google Play Store yet.

These apps are definitely redefining the Indian apps and technological sectors, paving the way for global app developers. Many countries have already started using their versions of global applications and India has also followed suit, amidst debates regarding privacy concerns.

Most of these apps are still in their beta stages and while they might have certain bugs at the moment, they are very user-friendly and the effort by app developers must definitely be lauded. If you know about other ‘made-in-India’ app alternatives that have not been listed here, let us know by commenting below!

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Sources: India Today, NDTV, Inc42

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