India’s first-ever igloo cafe is here and it is right in Kashmir’s Gulmarg region. In no time at all, it seems the cafe has caught the attention of people who want to post on their social media about this interesting cafe.

Waseem Shah, the managing director of the Kolahoi Resorts, is reportedly the brains behind this cafe.

A cafe is no longer simply a place to have some tea/coffee or any other beverage and some light snacks to eat.

Instead, it is becoming more and more about giving the customer an ‘experience’, something they can’t really get from any other place.

Frankly, this marketing strategy makes sense with how over-saturated the cafe sector has become, with literally anybody and everybody opening one with minimum risk.

Thus, in light of that, cafe owners have to work extra hard in order to make sure they keep a steady flow of customers and manage to get new ones too.

We can see this with how many cafes are taking on certain themes and giving customers a unique experience where they will want to come again or recommend it to someone else.

Themed cafes, unique menu items, and other niche things are being captured by cafes in order to offer something different to the customer.

What Is This Igloo Cafe?

Something similar was the motive behind this igloo cafe too, where Waseem Shah wanted to give visitors in Gulmarg, a new experience.

While speaking to The Hindu about this, he said, “We threw the igloo restaurant open to the public two days ago. It’s the country’s biggest igloo ever made. It took 15 days to construct it with the help of 20 workers.” 

The igloo cafe currently stands at 15-feet of height and is around 22-feet-wide in a spherical shape.

Currently, the cafe can sit around 18 people at the same time around eight tables and serves lunch and dinner on their menu.

The idea came to the founder from Europe, as he said, “I have travelled to Switzerland, Norway and Finland and saw similar snow sculptures. We too have snow in abundance and can experiment on such projects.”

Reports state that even the customers are impressed with the cafe, liking the furnishings inside and just the very fact that the cafe is an actual igloo.

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Apparently, all the furniture inside like tables, chairs, wall decorations, all of it is made from ice.

Mr. Shah said, “We are using some seating for comfort also. It has now come up nicely and we are ready to serve our guests in the Igloo. It is going to be an experience in itself.”

All of the snow slabs have a sheepskin rug thrown over them in order to keep the guests warm and comfortable.

There are also small side tables crafted out of snow that hold the lighting and you can also find hand-engraved Kashmiri copper Samovar inside the cafe.

India Igloo Cafe

The cafe offers traditional Kashmiri drinks kahwa, etc along with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian eating options.

Apart from this igloo cafe, the only other such concept has been tested out with an igloo hotel in Manali.

The owner also seems confident that the cafe shall be able to take a spot in the Limca book of records as Asia’s biggest igloo.

It even had people talking about this cafe on social media.




Will you visit such a cafe? Or will the cold be too much to bear? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits: Google Images, Kashmir Observer

Sources: Times of India, The Hindu, Outlook India

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