India has always been a land full of rich culture and heritage. Our sacraments and manners are a big part of our lives. India before British Colonialism was a land of kings with huge courts and their horde of worshippers. Along with the kings, the Maharanis and the Indian Princesses were a thing of beauty and marvel.

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Being a princess comes with a barrage of expectations and rules that one would need to follow. However, some ladies existed who defied the expectations of them and showed what being a feminist and fighting for oneself and other women looks like. Here are four of these marvelous women who deserve to be remembered and taught about in history classes.

These brave women broke the stereotypes that were demanded of them and made sure to leave a mark on the pages of history. They are inspiring and their work still affects us all positively. They showed the true meaning of being a princess, moreover, they showed the true meaning of being a woman.

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