The Philippines has always been a culture rich island nation and this article has been inspired by an amazing Filipino comedian – Jo Koy’s stand-up set. He talks a lot about his mother, an old Filipino lady and the imitation is just hilarious. 

In his sets, he also talks of Jeepneys, one of the most famous things about the Philippines. They are long jeeps decorated with colors and accessories, which can be seen overloaded with passengers moving around the city of Manila. 

There’s a rich heritage value behind the Jeepney. Let us see how these amazing vehicles came into existence. 

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The Jeepney community has been hit badly due to the pandemic. Some call it an American giving, but that would just be disrespecting the fact that this country overcame the trauma of war and gave birth to this beautiful iconic vehicle. 

This article is intended to bring some light to them and their Jeepney culture. It is definitely on my bucket list now! 

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Sources: The Diplomat, Global Voices Org, The Culture Trip

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