Up till September 2020, the entire world was petrified and pessimistic thanks to COVID-19. No hope was to be found nor was it any easier to lose a loved one to the virus. 

The pandemic had shaken up any & every being. But India lifted the spirits collectively by announcing the successful manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine under Bharat Biotech, a first-rate enterprise.  

Bharat Biotech Released COVID-19 Vaccine Which Is Under Phase 3 Of Its Trial

Now, although the vaccine has not completed its Phase 3 trials in India, it claims that the booming results in its Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials prove its effectiveness, and so, will be used only in emergencies (not a primary means) if an upsurge comes about during mass immunization.

India’s COVID-19 vaccine seems to have created a large platform for discussion wherein every other person has some argument of his own to either go pro or anti-vaccination. While some doubt its efficacy, others have reservations against the aftermath of using the vaccine.

Some have different views and are keen to get their hands on the vaccine thereby guarding themselves against further harm. Politicians too have a lot to say when it comes to accepting or rejecting the proposed idea of making the vaccine available to the common man.  

COVID-19 Vaccine & The Political Tiff Over It 

The ones in favour of the vaccine are quite opinionated on social media and have openly put forth pointers to support their argument.

 “I don’t know about anyone else, but when my turn comes, I’ll happily roll up my sleeve & get a COVID vaccine. This damn virus has been far too disruptive & if a vaccine helps bring about a semblance of normalcy after all the chaos then sign me up”, said Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K. Many people support his assertion and are anxiously awaiting the vaccine.

Indian Politicians Putting Forward Their Opinions That Clash At The Moment

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Further, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister supported the vaccine by adding, “All protocols have been followed in approving the vaccines and appealed to the people to avoid rumours about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine”.

Additionally voicing their opinions are some other politicians passionate about rejecting the vaccine even before it has been brought out in public.

Their reason being that the government is not to be trusted and that it has somehow been the government’s fault that the economy, as well as the health, has come to such devastating conditions. 

Akhilesh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party Chief, criticizing the proposed vaccine said, “I am not going to get vaccinated for now. How can I trust BJP’s vaccine? When our government will be formed everyone will get a free vaccine. We cannot take BJP’s vaccine”. 

Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas has been in the limelight lately for calling out various parties and politicians who have spoken against the vaccine (while trying to take a jab at the government) for their ungrounded arguments.

He went on to call them “failed & frustrated political players” thereby callously throwing shade at their reservations against the government leading to them having doubts about the vaccine. 

The Minister further lauded the Modi government for all of its initiatives in curbing the evil (virus) at large by mentioning all the plans it undertook including free ration to around 80 crore people, free gas cylinders to over 8 crores, and running Shramik Special trains for migrant labourers to reach home and many more such aids during the crisis. 

Why has a Welfare Initiative Become A Political One?

The entire tiff (that shouldn’t have been initiated in the first place) has left the nation in splits. People seem to have been perturbed and are apprehensive as to whether to get themselves and their families immunized or not. 

The questions that have been raised over the efficacy don’t seem well-grounded since the vaccine has passed phase 1 and 2 already. As for phase 3 infirmity, the government has already mentioned that the vaccine will not be a primary means and an alternative will be sought lest an upsurge raids us all. 

But in all honesty, this is not a time to argue amongst ourselves overseeing the dire need of the hour. We should not only be concerned with any party or political influence. Health matters first. 

Priorities should be set straight and hence all bitter feelings should be disregarded for the general benefit and the greater cause. Only then will we emerge from this pandemic as united. 

The economy too cannot suffer another lockdown which will only be possible if we trust our government and appreciate the people working for our prosperity.  

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