The world is neither short of talented artists nor the lovers of art. Whether you pace up with time or sit still on a lonely light, poetry finds us at a time when nobody does and lulls us to tranquility.

If you binge on poems and shayari for a beautiful Saturday night, we have come to your rescue.

Here’s bringing to you, five beautiful shayari that would give you a break from the classics and plunge you into the deepest maze of love and life.

Rahul’s poetry is here to give you a hug on a lonely night.

I’m pierced. Stalking @unorthodox_paranoid on Instagram already!

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Garima can describe my relationship status better than I can.

I feel attacked. We could have ‘dard me doobe’ drinks with Abhinav already!

If you don’t understand life or life doesn’t understand you, Lavi’s shayari would tell you, you’re not alone.

As long as such poets keep writing, the legacy of shayari would keep flourishing. Here’s hoping we give such artists the recognition and love they deserve!

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Source: Instagram

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