Watch: Five Of The Most Bizarre Mythological Stories Round The Globe

I bet Zeus didn't know about all this.

The world is full of stories of the origin and the doom; the legends and the myths; the survival and the fall. From time immemorial, the greatest of the cultures and the civilizations have penned down their epics for generations to follow.

While all the myths would forever be debatable about how legit they are; we cannot deny the effect it has on the beliefs and faith of a common man.

Here’s looking at the five of the many strange tales from folklore of ancient civilizations. Prepare your beds already.

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The Gods and Goddesses could be majestic and great but to be honest, all the greatness comes with little weirdness and loads of lust.

If Zeus wasn’t enough for Greek mythology, Loki suffices Norse mythology and gives him a tough competition.

Here’s hoping I haven’t made the Gods angry. Here’s hoping to please the old Gods and the new!

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