Fitness is a pretty big deal most of the time and people do not usually take it into consideration because they think that fitness does not usually play a role in their everyday lives, that is basically the general not but people who have experienced the different advantages of being physically and mentally sound will be able to tell us better than that.

Subodh Godara is a motivated individual who has been a fitness freak and a young influencer for many, born in Haryana.

At just 18 years of age Subodh Godara has established himself in the fitness world, having faced challenges himself and overcoming them come ultimately realising that everything is possible only if a person puts in efforts. Recent statistics find that after the lockdown, people have been really motivated to train themselves and become equally fit, this change is because of a very big factor, that is the amount of free time they have.

The first challenge that Subodh Godara faced in his life was gaining a lot of weight in a very short period of time, and not just any kind of weight, the healthy kind which made him physically sound. There is actually a balanced metre that people should be following at such a delicate age, they usually should be looking at their height and then their age, to find out the correct and average weight they must have. Obviously, a kilo or two here and there don’t usually matter but being 20 kg underweight is pretty unhealthy, this is the reason why Subodh Godara had to change his entire lifestyle to make sure that he does not get stuck in the unhealthy lifestyle for too long.

Currently Subodh Godara runs a very popular consultancy in Haryana itself, offering fitness advice and diet charts to people. You need to either lose weight or gain weight in a healthy manner, without the use of supplements. People have a lot of goals in their mind, they want to either become physically fit or they want to gain some healthy weight, but they usually procrastinate and do not want to get themselves involved in such activities that are usually difficult to implement in our lives. No matter how demotivated you are, Subodh Godara can certainly pull you out of this and make sure that you do not divert from your goal.

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