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Alcohol has become almost a pain-reliever in today’s generation. Every demanding situation is accompanied by alcohol. People have become so weak – you go through a break-up, you drink, you fail in an exam – you drink, you get into argument with your parents – you drink, you have a fight with your friend – you drink.

Why has it come to this situation where people need alcohol and drugs to make their lives easier?  

A person who goes through heartbreak uses alcohol as his/her immediate resort. On being asked about it, the common reply one gets is that alcohol helps him/her forget the pain and gives relief.

The Big Picture

This is a grave misconception that people have about alcohol. Movies and big screens portray the actors drinking their sadness away. And now every other person who goes through rough times feels that it is the remedy for the pain they are going through.

In some cases, it may give one temporary relief but that is going to last only till they sober down. Then, the harsh reality steps in again.

 This solution is more like- “There is a cat in front of me and I’m scared of it, I’m going to close my eyes so that I would not be able to see the cat.” But, that doesn’t make the cat disappear.

In closing your eyes, the situation gets even worse because now you won’t be able to see whether the cat is coming closer or going further away.

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If Not Alcohol, What Reduces Stress?

Consider a scenario – You are sitting alone at a bar consuming alcohol alone, pushing people away, damaging your health; is that the idea of getting relief from pain?

On the other hand, people who recognize and accept reality have a healthier lifestyle and stronger personality than those running away from it.

Studies show that sharing problems reduces stress and helps arrive at a solution. Investing time on something positive like a sport or a new hobby can boost up energy levels and refresh you to continue your daily routine enthusiastically.

Travelling around could seem like something very casual but it actually makes one’s view on things broader, makes them independent, makes them more understanding and also adds on new life experiences.

Alcohol could give the momentary illusion of being a pain reliever but, but it spoils not just your health, but also lifestyle habits in the long run.

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