These are mad times we live in. Be it an outbreak of a pandemic in the world, a blood-thirsty war between two states, or a struggle to cope with heartbreaks: mental health will be injured first, even before physical injuries.

With the steep rise in population also rises the struggle of people to fit in, and in return, their mental well-being is falling apart at a much higher pace.

Sometimes little things can help us muddle through anxiety, depression, and other sensitive mental health issues. Little things like – taking yourself out on a solo date, staying on a call with your friends, making a cup of coffee, listening to soothing music, reading a novel or watching a movie/series.

The youth are the most common victims of mental health problems in contemporary times. Korean dramas have made inroads into the hearts of teens on a large scale, with mental health being one of the central themes of quite a few of these K-Dramas. Here are a few Korean teen series that will help you uplift your mental health.

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Comment below which one of these K-Dramas helped you boost your mental health.

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