Nostalgia on seeing fandom merchandise is unlike anything else! You know you’ve grown up when you no longer play with Tazos or Pokémon cards.

Specially for the 90’s kids, getting an action figure of your favorite super hero, playing with real beyblades, fighting friends on WWE cards was one heck of a big deal.

I found my Tazo box today while cleaning my room, which had all 600 intact! So I decided to remind you all of a memory or two. Here are some of the best fandom merchandise we had in our childhood.

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Feel old yet?

Most of us have the mutual feeling of nostalgia thinking about all the wonderful shows we have, the cards and toys we played with. Indeed, things were fun even without phones.

If you’ve spent evenings in your childhood playing with tazos or cards of some sort, or any other fandom merchandise and if you still hold a collection of it, tell us about it in the comments below!

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