Growing up, the Harry Potter franchise was a part and parcel of our lives, irrespective of which parts of the world we came from. Even if you are not a Potterhead, you couldn’t help but witness the immense popularity and fan base it has. The magical elements of Harry Potter are reminiscent of the fables and folklore we all heard as children.

In fact, a lot of the magical elements and creatures of Harry Potter (like centaurs, unicorns, phoenixes, etc.) are already mentioned to have been borrowed from mythology. More than being a fascinating ‘story’ of a young boy discovering the magical world, it has a complex plot with even more complex characters.

But what’s most intriguing about the best seller is neither the fantasy nor the magic but its way of addressing European politics during the reign of the Nazis in the most unique way.

Now, if you are an Indian, elements of mythology combined with politics are very likely to take you back to one of the most everlasting texts of ancient India – the epic Mahabharata. From the war between good and evil to the deep political insights they hold, you really can’t overlook the numerous analogies that can be drawn between these two works. But the soul of the great epic lies in its complex characters.

Can a similar analogy be drawn between them as well? Down below we have a list of 5 Harry Potter characters who are so similar to those of the Mahabharata that they might have actually been inspired by the latter!

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Before concluding that Harry Potter is unoriginal and hence overhyped, consider the time period during which it is set. The fact that Harry Potter is set in the modern period makes it present a modern perspective, unlike the Mahabharata, hence making all the difference.

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments down below!

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