For a number of weeks now, Coronavirus has taken the news by storm. Right from its initial discovery in a few affected patients and its transmission to other parts of the world, to the economic disturbances and resource scarcity – we have been constantly hearing about it through a variety of news sources.

The majority of these are highly depressing, with the increase in the death toll and what not. But alongside these, there are a few news articles that have popped up like a treasure that was stolen from a safeguarded iron box labeled “weird”.

This past week too had its fair share of some comedic/ludicrous gold, and below are few of them that may leave us laughing or bewildered:

Laugh: A Store In Japan Writes A Curse On Its Toilet Paper Stock To Avoid Theft

As a result of the widespread panic, thieves have been stealing the toilet paper stock from a Japanese store’s restroom in Honshu Island. Toilet paper was available for sale, but still, they had their eye on the free supplies. As an attempt to stop this ridiculousness, the store-keeper put up a curse to shoo them off.

Shrug: Elon Musk’s Downplay Of The Pandemic

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, had sent a mail to all his employees stating that they were more likely to die from a car crash than the COVID-19. Earlier he had also sent out a tweet addressing the panic in similar terms:

Laugh: UK Middle-Schooler Profits By Selling Squirts Of Sanitizer

13-year-old Oliver Tompkins made a balling sum of 9 pounds (equal to Rs. 816 INR) as profit by making a business out of selling sanitizer at school. His much-needed service made him fix the rate of 50 pennies/squirt of the sanitizer.

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Shrug: Rudy Gobert’s “Prank” Rebounds On Him

Rudy Gobert, a basketball player for Utah Jazz under the NBA, jokingly touched all the mics after an interview with the press as to poke fun at the global coronavirus panic. Ironically, he was tested positive shortly after. 

Laugh: Daniel Radcliffe Dismisses Coronavirus Rumours:

Addressing the claims that he had contracted the coronavirus, Daniel Radcliffe tells the media that the misconception maybe because he looks sick all the time. Thank god, our favorite Gryffindor boy is safe!

Shrug: IIT Scholar Falsely Claimed She Was COVID-19 Positive As A Part Of ‘Truth Or Dare’

Sujatha, an IIT Madras research scholar, claimed she had the coronavirus and began to cough in front of her fellow passengers on a Chennai-Coimbatore bus. After the bus was halted fearing the contamination of the virus, she left off with her friends in a car. Health officials were called to sanitize the bus. She was later reached out to by the DMS where she confessed that it was just for the game.

There are going to be many more news items in the coming days on COVID-19, and all of it is going to instil panic in us. I hope a few of them are as dumb or funny as these – we need a break from this constant anxiety!

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Sources: Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Business Insider

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