Experts have often established a strange theory about how “talent” and “insanity” are sometimes interconnected; as Aristotle said, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

Is it true or just a myth?

Research shows that a number of renowned artists have a medical history of mental illness. They usually think out of the box and have a unique bent of mind; as a result, they tend to do things that people with a rational and conventional thinking capacity do not seem to understand.

Scientists have discovered that people with creative minds possess a gene called neuregulin 1, which is also associated with conditions like depression and psychosis. This gene is partly responsible for brain development in humans, but a variant of it can also cause psychological problems like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Szabolcs Kéri, the Lead Scientist at Semmelweis University, Hungary, explained, “Molecular factors that are loosely associated with severe mental disorders but are present in many healthy people may have an advantage enabling us to think more creatively.”

Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Kerouac, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Einstein, Isaac Newton, Peter Green, Bettie Page, and Clara Bow are some of the most esteemed artists from various fields who were severely afflicted with mental health disorders.

Then again, not all people with mental disabilities are geniuses, and not all geniuses suffer from mental health disorders.

Here are a few talented minds who struggled with schizophrenia and how the mental illness affected them.

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