It was a shock to hear the news of former Delhi Chief Minister (CM) Sheila Dikshit passing away on Saturday. 

Dikshit was perhaps the most known politician in Delhi serving through 3 different regime changes and staying as the CM of Delhi for almost 15 years, the longest for any other CM till date. 

Here we have taken a look at her impressive career with some successes that got her the powerful position of CM to even some things that came later in her career and were professional lows for her.


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But as always with success and good work also came controversies and some failures during her long tenure as CM of Delhi. 


For whatever it is worth, you cannot deny that Sheila Dikshit was an important part of building Delhi’s history and current climate.

Did we miss any major high or low of her career? Let us know in comments below. 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Times Now, Hindustan Times, Business Standard

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