Art is the expression of life. It allows us to look beyond the mundane schedule of daily existence and provides a fresh and creative perspective into the most uninteresting thing possible. But is it just the beauty and the charm that has fascinated its audience?

The answer would be a big no. Many-a-times, when you think you are looking at a picturesque landscape, it can actually be an artist revealing the biggest secrets through some coded message in the painting. 

Here are five such famous paintings with hidden codes and symbols.

The Creation Of Adam By Michelangelo

Michelangelo Buonarroti, the world-famous painter, had to hide his identity as an anatomist due to the church’s disdain for science. 

He had to destroy all his anatomical diagrams and sketches to conceal this secret. But his artistic genius allowed him to craftily demonstrate his anatomical knowledge in one of his masterpieces present in the Sistine Chapel. 

The right side of the painting gives a detailed depiction of the human brain

The right part of the painting apparently reveals a scientifically accurate image of a human brain along with its intricate details. 

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

We all know about the movie and the book, Da Vinci Code, and the various suppositions it had made regarding some hidden meaning of the painting. However, most of these claims have been refuted or are still disputed. 

The central half-moon window above characters’ faces contains the symbolism

Meanwhile, Sabrina Sforza Galitzia has come up with a new theory. She claims to have solved a mathematical and astrological puzzle, present in the focal half-moon window above Christ’s face. 

The artist seemed to have left clues through the painting of the world coming to an end on March 21, 4006. 

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Anonymous Portrait Of Child Mozart, Possibly By Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer, was part of one of the largest secret societies, Freemasonry. It is also evident in one of his childhood portraits. 

Mozart’s hand gesture is similar to that of a mason

The hidden hand inside the coat also symbolizes the same. The hidden-hand is the secret hand symbol used by the Master of the Second Veil, emphasizing his high rank in the secret society.

The Birth Of Venus By Sandro Botticelli

This painting created history for more than one reason. The artistic beauty translated on the canvas, and the unflinching expression of nudity was not all that there was to it.

The shell on which goddess Venus is standing represents a vagina

There is also a subtle depiction of female genitalia. Not the one Venus is trying to cover with hands and hair, though! The scallop shell that Venus is standing on is an allusion to female genitalia, symbolizing fertility, according to many art historians.

Still Life With Parrot And Fruit By Freida Kahlo

Amidst several controversial and symbolistic paintings, this painting may seem to be the most generic one. But a closer examination might indicate something different.

Most of the fruits used in this painting are native to Mexico, making a strong political statement on Mexican nationalism and independence. 

This painting includes the themes of nationalism and sexuality

The secondary theme of this painting is sexuality. The sharp end of the flag piercing through the fruit, revealing its fleshiness, invites its viewers for a glimpse of passion and pleasure. 

It is interesting how paintings end up saying much more than one can ever expect. It is on us to make the most of it. 

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Sources: Google Arts & Culture, Mental Floss, Reader’s Digest

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