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Bityard: Building Competitiveness Through Diverse Trading Services with High Market Data Accuracy and Stability


Recently, the Bitcoin price has been increasing significantly. On January 8th, 2021, it has reached $41,000 updating its all-time high, and even exceeded the market cap of Visa.

The rise of Bitcoin attracted a lot of investors in 2017. Right now, many financial analysts have predicted that, in the long run, the price of Bitcoin will still keep going up, and the market will grow much bigger, so will the investing needs from global investors. The needs include crypto spot trading and contract trading.

During the Christmas holidays in 2020, Bitcoin hit $27000. The value of Bitcoin didn’t decrease as many investors had expected, and it resulted in big loses of many crypto contract traders due to forcedly closed short positions. The total loses from global contract traders were over $500 million in one day, which also shows that there is an enormous number of investors in the crypto market.

The crypto contract trading has become popular since 2014 as BitMEX, one of the mainstream digital currency future exchange, was established and provided perpetual contract services with high range leverage, and eToro, a well-known social trading platform, started to offer cryptocurrency CFD (contract for difference) services. By 2018, the number of crypto contract trading service providers had risen rapidly. After more than two years of competition, the outstanding crypto exchanges managed to stay in the market, including Bityard, a relatively young exchange. Bityard, founded in November, 2019, started as a cryptocurrency CFD trading service provider.

Bityard offers diverse crypto trading services. The users of Bityard can trade mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as some new altcoins. Also, on Bityard, the leverage rang is up to 100x, which can help the users get more profit via successful trading.

For crypto beginners, they can start trading with low leverage and minimum required margin of $5, which is much lower among most crypto exchanges in the market, on Bityard. In this case, the loses from unsuccessful trading won’t cost these crypto beginners too much.

Providing advanced trading services is the basic requirement for all cryptocurrency exchanges to survive in the market. At the same time, the market data accuracy and financial compliance of an exchange are also essential to global crypto investors.

For CFD traders, a trading platform with accurate and real-time market price data is extremely critical. A CFD trader must open a position at the proper time and price point in order to increase profits. Since the profit of CFD trading is based on the change of asset price, any slight data inaccuracy can negatively affect a trading progress of an investor. In this regard, Bityard has integrated crypto asset market price data from three top exchanges, Okex, Huobi, and Binance, to maintain high data accuracy. At the same time, Bityard also has a highly professional development team to provide users with excellent trading service stability so that they can safely trade without any worries.

To keep improving its cryptocurrency trading services, Bityard also pays attention to the change of market needs. In November, 2020, Bityard launched its copy trading system for global crypto beginners, which can greatly lower the crypto investment threshold for them. At the same time, Bityard plans to bring different types of derivative trading services including forex and U.S. stock CFD to professional financial investors in the future, and will launch perpetual cryptocurrency contract trading services to meet the needs from different types of users. Bityard also stays highly compliant with financial regulations, and has obtained legal financial licenses issued by four national institutions which are the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) from Singapore, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (MSB) from the U.S., the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MTR) from Estonia so far.

About Bityard

Bityard is the world’s leading crypto exchange, providing global investors with safe, simple and fast digital currency trading services. With the service concept of “Complex Contract Simple Trade”, Bityard has developed a well-simplified, and also highly professional trading platform for its users. Bityard will keep improving its services to bring the users a better trading experience. Bityard official website:

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