India had a fairly decent run at the Tokyo 2020 main Olympic Games with 7 medals coming back home.

However, it seems that Indian players at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games really went all out and decided to cover up for the Olympic games too, making this one of the best games for Indian players ever in its history.

With a whopping 19 medals being won at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, India has effectively doubled its medal count across all the Paralympic Games they’d participated in since their debut in 1968. The current medal count for India stands at an impressive 31 medals and ranked them 24th in the overall tally for this year’s Games.

This year’s Paralympic Games were constantly in news with player upon player winning medals and pride to the country. Among the 19 medals, five of them are gold, eight of silver and 6 bronze medals have been won.

History Made

The way that this year’s Indian sportspeople have just blown away all previous records and best-ever performances from previous Summer Paralympic Games is honestly worth taking note of.

India’s best performances previously at the Paralympic Games were that of 4 medals at the 1984’s combined Stoke Mandeville and New York Games and another 4 at the 2016 Rio Games.

However, this year’s 19 medals at the Paralympic Games have blown away the previous game performances and even surpassed the medal count from Team India at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

It should also be noted that the number of athletes taking part in the Paralympic Games was also much higher compared to previous Games. This year India had a total of 54 athletes participating, while the highest we’d gotten in the number of athletes was for the Rio 2016 Games with 19 athletes.

The star players from this year’s Paralympic Games were Shooter Avani Lekhara who became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Games, Bhavina Patel by becoming the first Indian table tennis player to a medal at Paralympic Games, Harvinder Singh being the first Indian winning a medal in archery and more.

Some of the successful sports in the Games were shooting, high jump and badminton. Here we take a look at the 19 athletes who brought glory to our country:

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Indian players at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games really went all out making this one of the best games for India in its history.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Olympics, ESPN

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