For over 40 years, International Management Institute, New Delhi, has been at the forefront in moulding and nurturing world-class business professionals for the country.

Founded in collaboration with IMI Geneva (Currently IMD Lausanne) in 1981, IMI New Delhi is India’s first corporate sponsored business school. For the last five years, IMI New Delhi has been organising its most acclaimed flagship event, IMI Model United Nations (IMI MUN) which has seen participation from both Indian and international students.

IMI MUN provides an excellent forum for students to express their opinions on significant international concerns. This simulation allows participants to put themselves in the shoes of world leaders, understand the challenges that they face, and become acquainted with the various viewpoints that are presented during the discourse.

IMI MUN is the Model United Nations organized by the International Relations and Executive Education Committee (IREC) at International Management Institute, New Delhi. IMI MUN 2022 is going to be the sixth edition of the event. Keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic, the event will be online.

The theme for IMI MUN 2022 shall be “Facets of Freedom – Weaving a Better Tomorrow”. In the contemporary era, “freedom” takes a myriad of definitions, ranging for individuals from all walks of life.

In the pursuit of gaining an insight into this variance, the facets of freedom in the political, social, cultural and economic contexts prove fruitful. Non-state actors are now more involved than ever in human rights issues because of the shift in sovereignty that has accompanied globalisation.

This trend poses a challenge to international human rights law, which was primarily created to prevent abuses by powerful nations and their agents. While globalisation has improved civil society’s ability to work across borders and promote human rights, it has also given other actors the power to violate human rights in the form of unprecedented attack vectors.

The agenda and committees play an important role in defining any MUN. The event team has decided to emulate some of the most traditional bodies of the UN. UNSC has a primary duty for maintaining international peace and security.

It decides when and where a UN peacekeeping mission should be deployed. The agenda for UNSC shall be “Curbing turmoil  – Stemming armed conflict in war-ridden nations”. ECOFIN deals with questions about economics, global finance, as well as growth and development around the world.

The goal of this committee will be to address persistent economic inequity and emerging concerns within world finance. The agenda for ECOFIN shall be “None left behind – Reforming International Financial System”.

UNHCR is a global agency dedicated to saving lives, defending rights. The agency aims to ensure that everyone who has fled violence, persecution, war, or tragedy at home has the right to seek asylum and find a haven.

The agenda for UNHCR shall be “Adjudicated Asylum – Refugee crises and immigrant labour rights”. UNCSW is the world’s primary intergovernmental body dedicated to advancing gender equality.

It plays a critical role in promoting women’s rights and influencing worldwide norms of women’s empowerment. The agenda for UNCSW shall be “Women’s Empowerment – Access to Public Services and Gender Equitability in the Workplace”.

Honourable Surjith Karthikeyan, Deputy Secretary, Government of India at the Indian Ministry of Finance and Honourable Sanjay Awasthi, Head of the International Organization for Migration, will also grace the event as the keynote speakers at the opening ceremony. Their immense experience and insightful knowledge in the field make their presence at the event a great honour and privilege to the team.

IMI MUN 2022 provides a chance to not only expand horizons and gain a unique experience but also gives the participants a vibrant set of topics to discuss, deliberate and come up with innovative solutions.

Such an opportunity will provide the perfect platform for all looking to test their knowledge of international relations against the best that the MUN circuit has to offer. For further information regarding the event, please visit IMI Model United Nations 2021 from International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi.

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