On May 20th the Madhya Pradesh (MP) High Court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by MP Adivasi Vikas Parishad president Dinesh Dhurve requesting that the programme by Baba Bageshwar Dham’s scheduled for May 23rd and 24th at the Bhadukota village in the Balaghat district be banned.

According to the petition it claimed that the event scheduled could negatively affect the public interest of the tribals living in the area and also added how permission was not taken from gram sabha to hold the event.

A division bench of Justice Vivek Agrawal and Justice DK Paliwal heard the first petition, however, on May 22nd, a second PIL was filed with the Jabalpur Bench of MP High Court claiming again that the religious event would hurt the sentiments of tribal communities.

Justice Vivek Agarwal was once again on the bench for the hearing when he pulled up petitioner lawyer GS Udhe for “misconduct.”

What Happened?

In a viral clip, Justice Agarwal is seen visibly ruffled and scolding the lawyer severely in a very stern voice.


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As per reports, the judge asked the lawyer to explain the ‘Bada Dev Bhagwan Sthal’ the religious place of the tribals in question and how the event would be hurting the sentiments. When the advocate gave a vague answer from the petition, the judge repeated his question in both English and Hindi but still the counsel could not give a satisfactory answer.

At this, the judge said “You are not answering my question. Who are you to decide where the event will take place and where it cannot take place?”

The lawyer got agitated that “I am trying to explain it through Constitution but you are not listening to me.”

On hearing this, the judge warned him to talk appropriately but the lawyer said “Wahi toh bata raha hoon lekin aap sun hi nahin rahe hain. Kuch bhi bole ja rahe hain,” (I am trying to tell you what the Constitution says but you are not listening. Instead, you are going on speaking random stuff).”

It was here that Justice Vivek clearly took contempt and asked that a contempt notice be issued against him immediately. The lawyer again added that “I am trying to mention the provisions under Article 51 but you are not ready to listen.”

The judge further said that “First answer my questions then we will read the constitution. Don’t try to be over-smart. If you try to argue inappropriately, I will send you directly to jail from here.”

He also called up the lawyer for behavior, speaking in Hindi that “Tum logo ne soch liya hai ki badtameezi karke tum jo hai, apne aap ke liye bohot badi TRP collect karloge? (You people think that by misbehaving you will garner TRPs for yourself?).”

When the lawyer mumbled an apology the judge said “You should be sorry” and added “Tum logon ko ye sikhake bheja jaata hai ki badtameezi karo? (Are you people tutored and sent to misbehave?)”

The PIL was eventually dismissed on May 20th by the MP High Court with the division bench stating that the petition did not give out any actual facts before the court that supported the petition of how the programmer could adversely affect the tribal interests.

Also as per reports, the state government believed the petition was “sponsored” since the event did not require any permission from the “gram sabha” in the first place to hold the programme.

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