It is not often that one hears news reports of the Chief Justice of India (CJI) losing their temper, especially during a listing or hearing, but that is indeed what happened in a surprising turn of events recently.

A heated exchange took place between CJI Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Vikas Singh over the topic of land allotment for the lawyer’s chambers.

It got so bad that the CJI clearly asked Mr. Singh to not raise his voice and even told him to leave the courtroom.

What Happened?

On Thursday, that is 2nd March 2023, SCBA president and senior advocate Vikas Singh tried to get an immediate listing to the petition about converting around 1.33 acres of land allotted to the Supreme Court to chamber blocks for lawyers.

Singh claimed that the matter was urgent and it had not been heard for the last six months and at one point even tried to say that the lawyers could feel desperate to be heard and come to the CJI’s residence.

When CJI Chandrachud said that “You can’t demand land like this. You tell us the day we are sitting idle for the whole day?” Mr. Singh responded with “I am not saying that you are sitting idle for the whole day. I am only trying to get the matter listed. If it is not done, I will have to escalate and take it to your lordships’ residence. I don’t want the Bar to be taken like this.”

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CJI Chandrachud Shouts

The CJI and the Bench stated that the matter would be listed for April 17th but not be the first item on the case list for that date, however, Mr. Singh would not take it quietly. As per reports, the CJI “shouted at the top of his voice” asking him to “Keep quiet. Leave this court right now. You cannot cower us down!”

Along with also saying that “Do not threaten the Chief Justice. Is this the way to behave? Please sit down. It will not be listed like this. Please leave my court. I will not be cowed down by you.” 

The CJI further said that “I am the Chief Justice. I have been here since March 29, 2000. I have been in this profession for 22 years. I have never allowed myself to be browbeaten by a member of the Bar, litigant or anyone else. I will not do that in the final two years of my career.”

He also stated that “You will be treated as an ordinary litigant. Please don’t force my hand to do something you don’t want.”

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